Learn what you can accomplish with tile flooring

For those homeowners that require a great deal of versatility from their flooring material, tile is an excellent choice. With this floor covering, you can create extensive appearances ranging from excessively simply, to exquisitely eclectic. More than that, you’ll really appreciate the length of lifespan this flooring offers, with at least 50 years before replacement, and a hard-wearing durability that mimics commercial grade materials. No matter what you’re looking for in flooring, be sure to check here first, as you’re likely to find just what you need.

Richwell Carpet & Cabinets offers a wonderful variety of materials and products, as well as service and assistance that really prove your satisfaction is our main concern. Our associates are trained to answer any questions you might have, get you matched up with the perfect materials and services, and make sure that your project is finished the way you need it to be finished. For more information, or to get your project started right away, come see us at our showroom in Ottumwa, Iowa. From there, we proudly serve the areas of Ottumwa, Oskaloosa, Fairfield, Bloomfield, and Albia. We look very forward to serving you too.

Tile gives you many options to choose from

Porcelain tile flooring is highly sought after and offers a very natural-looking appeal. Made of the highest quality clay, it is often used in spaces where the natural, rustic look is preferred. Ceramic tile is also made of high-quality clay, but with other materials added in, and is often coated with very bright colors. This makes them perfect for creating patterned looks and mosaics, with some pieces measuring no bigger than a postage stamp.

Tile flooring is highly durable and resists scratches, scuffs, fading, and cracks, while also resisting mold, mildew and bacteria growth. Naturally waterproof, it makes an excellent addition to any bathroom, laundry room, or kitchen. Don’t just use it on your floors though. Feel free to accent your walls or create amazing countertops and backsplashes as well, that not only match but function perfectly in these settings.

As with a few other floor coverings, such as solid wood and carpet, tile is best installed by a team of professionals. These materials are so dense and hard that the wrong move while cutting could ruin an entire piece of tile. If this happens very often, you could wind up way over your budget before you know it.

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