Hardwood flooring creates beauty and lifespan

Hardwood flooring can be appealing in rustic décor schemes and high-end residential locations with outstanding results. In addition, the ability to customize these products makes them highly appealing to many homeowners. Read along to learn more about the elegance, durability, and lifespan available in this product line.

The visual appeal of hardwood flooring

Few floor coverings offer the kind of visual customization available with wood floors. You can choose the species, color, texture, format, and more that help match any existing décor you have in place. Each option makes your floor more unique and personalized. A timeless appearance and rich color take advantage of trends that will remain current longer. Hardwood is always in style, adds significant value to your home, and can be altered further with specific installation techniques and layouts. For the perfect look for your floors, be sure to speak with our associates.

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Hardwood durability you can trust

As an all-natural material, hardwood flooring offers an incredible level of durability. These floors can last over 100 years with professional installation and regular maintenance. Under the same circumstance, engineered materials offer up to 30 years and can be installed in below-grade spaces. Choosing the suitable species has a lot to do with your floor's durability. Each species offers a different hardness level for your specific and successful results. Of course, the busier and more active your household, the harder your chosen species should be.

Wood floor installation facts and more

Acclimation helps alleviate warping, cracking, and splitting after installation. The process takes one to three days, helping ensure the same moisture levels between the flooring and installation environment. Once acclimated, a successful installation can begin.

It’s important to note that solid hardwood cannot be installed in below-grade areas. Engineered flooring is a perfect alternative, however. When you’re ready to discuss your installation needs, be sure to visit our showroom.
Hardwood flooring in Ottumwa, IA from Richwell Carpet & Cabinets

We offer the wood floors you need

At Richwell Carpet & Cabinets, we offer the materials and services that create your best floors. Our family-owned company has been in business for over 25 years, offering expert design and installation. When you're ready to discuss your flooring needs, we're here to provide the solutions. From our showroom in Ottumwa, IA, we serve the communities of Ottumwa, IA, Oskaloosa, IA, Fairfield, IA, Bloomfield, IA, and Albia, IA. We invite you to join us any time you’re in the area for hardwood flooring you’re sure to appreciate. We’ll make sure you find the solid or engineered wood flooring that serves you for years to come.